Lily's Haven Inc. is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of horses, yearlings and foals that are in need of a better life, victims of starvation, neglect, abandonment and abuse. To date, Lily's Haven Inc. has Rescued and Rehomed 43 horses using our own funds and small donations from friends.

​We've dedicated the past several years to helping change the lives of horses who were bound for grave endings and with your help and support, we can do more.


About the Founder/President

April Grubb Kirkpatrick

What started out as a passion, has transformed into Lily's Haven inc., a non-profit equine rescue organization established in 2020. We are located in Lancaster, South Carolina. In short, our goal is to rescue and rehab horses that need a better life.

I have always had a passion for animals of all sizes and could not live without the love and compassion an animal can provide.  This passion drove me right into the veterinary medicine field, affording me a twenty year vet-tech career.  Horses have always been part of my life and I knew one day I would operate my own horse barn, but had to plan.  

Many months later, it was time. I made the decision to take the jump; I would start looking for my own horse.  It had to be a rescue; some soul in need of a new life. A $400 horse named Lily from Aiken, led me down the path of falling in love with the equine world all over again.  

What started as a self-ran/self-funded barn has grown into a successful non-profit rescue operation.  The experience in rehabilitating horses is amazing, emotional and therapeutic.